House details


House Details

  • The entrance

From outside the entrance has 2 very impressive tall columns, there are 2 small steps onto the tiles area at the solid front door.

  • Entrance Double Volume Hall

The front door opens into the entrance which extends to the top of the first floor, this is about 2.5 times the normal ceiling height. The glassed area ensures this is a bright and inviting area. The top of the glassed area can be opened to cool the house in the Summer months and closed during the winter. A long handmade chandelier lights up the area. Turning to the right brings you to the Living Room.

  • The Living Room

This is a bright room which receives the afternoon sun. The ceiling is extra high so the room remains cool during the summer. The large double doors open up to the pool area and the fabulous mountain views which increase during the winter months when so of the trees lose their leaves. The window that looks towards the road overlooks the pond.

  • The Study





Some key features of the property.

  • All the electrical wiring and fittings have been renewed
  • The electric lighting is of the latest energy saving equipment.
  • The gardens are lit up at night while only using about 60W of power due to the energy saving lights
  • There is a well point which due to its location at a low point has not yet dried up during the dry seasons
  • All the plumbing has been renewed including three new guesers
  • The roof tiles on the main building are imported from Italy
  • There are 2 wood burning stoves to heep the house warm in winter – normally only 1 is required
  • The ceilings have extra insulation to keep the house warm in winter and cool in Summer