About the house

The original house is about 35 years old built during the time houses were constructed of quality materials and workmanship.

When we purchased it in 2014 it was little changed. There were 4 bedrooms off a long hall and one shared bathroom, kitchen, dining area, and sitting area. Outside are the garages (3) one of which was used as an office with helpers room and toilet at the back. Outside in the garden it was flooded and water ran out of the front gate when it rained.

Moderisation started to bring it into the 21st Century at the end of 2014.

In the outside right rear corner of the property we discovered a running stream. The area was cleaned up and underground drains installed to drain the flooded area of the garden. The stream is piped by the original builder and runs underground along the North/West boundary fence and out into the green belt. Since the changes we have never had any more problems. There is a three meter easement along this fence – at present it is planted into a very attractive garden. There has never been any problems with this area as it is enclosed entirely within the garden.

We changed the internal part of the old house

  • Removed one bedroom and opened up the space into a dining area
  • Opened up the kitchen so it looked through the dining area into the front garden
  • Opened up the passage
  • Added 2 bathrooms
  • Added a scullery
  • Added a fire place
  • Covered in the patio and moved the terrace out and installed a pool


We obtained planning permission and built a 2 story section.

Upstairs: Master bedroom/dressing area and ensuite plus one more additional bedroom also ensuite.

Downstairs: Double volume entrance, Living room, and study.


The house is situated on the “Green Belt”. It is ideal for walking and hiking directly from the cottages.

We are located on the other side of Table Mountain from the city of Cape Town, and the centre is about 12 km from the cottage. The nearest airport is Cape Town International Airport, 15 km from Riverside holiday cottage.